Break-ins happen every day, whether it be a retail store, office, home, warehouse or factory. A burglar alarm makes sense for any location, no matter what the size.


Consider the following:

*In 2004, an estimated 2.1 million burglary offenses were committed in the United States.
- Source: FBI Uniform Crime Report, 2004

*Every 77 seconds, a fire department responds to a residential fire somewhere in the nation. Nationwide in 2004, there was a civilian fire death every 135 minutes and a civilian injury every 30 minutes.

*Each year, carbon monoxide poisoning claims more than 500 lives and sends another 15,000 people to the hospital.
At USI, we understand exactly what is at stake when
it comes to home security. From our point of view,
security isn't just about locks and alarms; rather, it's
about the peace of mind that comes from knowing
you're doing everything you can to protect those things that mean the most to you: your family, your business, and your possessions. Since 2001, we've been offering comprehensive systems that meet the needs of each USI customer. We work with you to determine the most important components for your system. Our licensed technicians ensure that the system
is installed to your specifications. Our
partnership with the monitoring
facility ensures that your family is
protected around the clock.

In addition to home invasion
alarms, USI extends further
protection against a variety
of dangers.
Every home should be
equipped with smoke alarms
on each floor and outside of
every bedroom, for example.
Our systems also add security
against the threat of carbon
monoxide poisoning.
In fact, we are even able to extend an
individual's ability to live independently
through the use of personal alarm
systems that are worn on the body.
USI wants to provide you with peace of mind.
We do that through thorough:
quality equiptment, world class customer service,
and ongoing monitoring for our customers.

Our great prices are second only to our commitment to service.
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