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Digital Video Surveillance from Utter Solutions Inc. can help you better deter theft, detect fraudulent liability claims and document events so that your entire home or business can be more protected. It's also a tool you can use to help improve employee productivity and numerous other business efficiencies...
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Authentication by username and password is only part of the story. Frequently you want to let people in based on something other than who they are. Something such as where they are coming from or which direction they're heading... more >
Whether you're at home or away, USI is on the job-diligently on guard in case your alarm signals for emergency, police, fire or medical assistance. Our trained and professional staff is ready to act whenever we're alerted at our Central Alarm Monitoring ... more>

USI team of technicians install and certify cables per ANSI / TIA / EIA standards to ensure consistent performance across all your locations. We can source, install, de-install and maintain:-
Category 3, 5, 5e, 6, 7, Multi & Single Mode Fiber...
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PHONE / VOIP Systems
Whether considering a traditional circuit based system or a packet based (VoIP) phone system, we can recommend, design and install a wide variety of telephony solutions. USI has the experience and resources in the design and installation of various sytems... more >
The wireless networking market is growing rapidly as businesses discover the productivity and benefits of going wire-free. The increased mobility that WiFi networks offer has proved beneficial in operations throughout...
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